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Tu Me Fais Crier CD

Tu Me Fais Crier CD

Waylon brings out that certain style that he has developed throughout the years in the recording of this French album, Tu Me Fais Crier! on Rockin’ River Records. Unlike his other French recordings, this album is written in standard French rather than the traditional Cajun French. He co-wrote most of the songs on this disc, including Si Longtemps Separe’, which was chosen as the theme song for the 1999 international reunion, “Congres Mondial Acadian”. Waylon is credited with having played all the instruments except the lead guitar and piano. He also produced, recorded, mixed, and sang all vocals and harmony vocals. This album is truly a proud accomplishment of his, and is offered as a celebration of his Cajun heritage. It is exciting and moving even for those who do not understand the French lyrics.
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